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Adhesive trowel marks

Adhesive trowel marks

Right trowel notch size, right coverage. To ensure a long term successful bond of the floor covering product (in this case sheet resilient) to the subfloor surface, it is important to use the recommended adhesive in strict accordance with the floor covering and adhesive manufacturers installation guidelines.
For example, trowel notches that are too large will place too much adhesive which can lead to trowel-marks showing through the material and/or excessive indentations (as seen in this image). This can cause swelling and buckling throughout the material. 
If the trowel notches are too small the adhesive will not hold the flooring down. Spread the adhesive covering 100{058cd53a5507cc241cf2214cc0d17e9b6fd05746fb0aaeee64db39ce40c70933} of the exposed subfloor, leaving no gaps or puddles.​ The trowel notch must be large enough to apply a continuous film (i.e. full coverage) of the adhesive to the substrate to ensure a minimum 90{058cd53a5507cc241cf2214cc0d17e9b6fd05746fb0aaeee64db39ce40c70933} transfer of the adhesive to the resilient floor backing. The adhesive is not to be used as a filler or leveller.
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