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Concrete preparation

Concrete preparation

Being clear about who is responsible for what when it comes to sub-floor preparation is not easy considering the endless scenarios that can present on site involving surface flatness, porosity, contaminants removal, profile, etc. When specified, NFCA minimum industry standards help to remove the confusion. The following is an excerpt from ‘PART A12 Substrate Preparation’ of the Floor Covering Reference Manual, which helps to clarify related trade scope of work for the floor covering installer: 

‘The flooring contractor shall be responsible only for minor substrate preparation that includes filling of small chips and dents, removal of minor protrusions and vacuuming of an otherwise acceptable surface in accordance with NFCA requirements and as defined by local trade jurisdiction requirements. General Contractor or Owner shall include for the additional substrate preparation work (shot-blasting, grinding, levelling, skim coating, crack filling, etc.) as required to meet NFCA and manufacturer requirements. Source

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