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Done once – done right

Done once – done right

Done once, done right. No ambiguity, no disputes on site – 30 storey tower, concrete construction, all suspended slabs left 3/8″ shy of finished height with a rough Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 5 or 6 (note: an open rough surface profile also facilitates slab drying). Hydraulic Cement Underlayment (3/8″ topping) planned and budgeted for well in advance, primed and poured 4 months later to build the slab up to finished height. 10′ Straight Edge tests measured 1/16″ over 10′ (2mm over 3m) everywhere, even the most challenging test spots, such as up to support columns where slabs typically slop away, exceeded floor covering industry standards of 1/8″ over 10′ for a suspended slab.
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