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There are two types of commercial floor inspection service available through NFCA.

  1. Single report – Either a Pre installation, Mid installation or Post installation (non destructive) inspection may be requested. This will include one visit to site and one written report that will compare site conditions and installation issues with industry standards.
  2. Quality Assurance Program installation review.  This service assigns a certified floor inspector to a project to issue multiple reports at different stages of an installation. The purpose is to ensure that product manufacturers guide lines are followed and industry standards are maintained. See below for more details.

1. Pre, Mid, or Post installation. One report is issued.

The report will include:

  • A brief claim history (where available)
  • A review of site conditions
  • A review of product specifications
  • A review of site environmental conditions
  • A review of substrate flatness using the straight edge method
  • Comments on product performance and installation quality
  • A conclusion (and recommendations where possible)​

​Note: Inspections are payable upfront and in advance of assigning an inspector.

Note: Floor coverings or projects that have already been inspected by a certified floor inspector (certified by a recognized and approved certification body) will not be re-inspected. Failure to disclose this prior to commissioning an inspection will result in the termination of the inspection reporting process. The inspection will be considered null and void. No refunds will be given.

Note: NFCA does not perform ASTM moisture testing. Submitted reports are available to all parties after 7 days.

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To request this type of installation inspectiondownload and complete the appropriate form. For costs and details call our office at 604 371 0137.

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Use for substrate inspection requests


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Use for carpet tile or rolled carpet inspection requests


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Use for vinyl, linoleum, VCT, rubber, LVT /P inspection requests


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2. Quality Assurance Program (QAP). Specified by the consultant, paid for by the building owner. QAP is an ‘installation review’ service were the NFCA assigns an independent, certified floor inspector to the project to issue four reports through the process of installation.  This service is available in British Columbia only at this time.

The four reports are: (1) Pre-Installation (2) Interim (3) Final (4) Post-Installation

These reports include:

  • Review of flooring plans and specifications.
  • Review of substrate moisture and alkalinity testing reports (provided by a third party, certified testing agency).
  • Review of site environmental conditions and product acclimation.
  • Review of installer qualifications and workmanship.
  • Confirmation that specified products are on site.
  • Confirmation the flooring contractors’ bonding requirement is met.

Further important details:

  • To meet NFCA Quality Assurance Program requirements, flooring contractors must supply a 2 year, 100% maintenance bond.
  • The flooring contractor must supply installers who meet NFCA trade qualification standards detailed in ‘PART A05 Trade Qualifications’ of the Floor Covering Reference Manual.
    • QAP costs the building owner 4% of the total flooring contract (a minimum cost of $3500 + GST applies).
    • Flooring contractors add the 4% to their bid for the project, plus the cost of the 2 year, 100% maintenance bond.
    • The flooring contractor who is awarded the contract will be invoiced by the NFCA for the cost of QAP (4%)
  • Inspectors observe and report only, review specifications and issue comment and advice where possible. Inspectors do not recommend products or price estimates.
  • Floor covering types included: Carpet, resilient, hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork. Sub-floors and environmental site conditions are also included. For tile, stone and ceramamic, contact the Tile, Terrazo and Marble Association of Canada at:

If you are a flooring contractor bidding a job with the NFCA Quality Assurance Program specified in Division 9,
contact: 1 604 371 0137 for information.

If you are a design authority / building owner looking to specify the Quality Assurance Program, include the following two items in Division 09:

  1. Perform work in accordance with the NFCA Floor Covering Reference Manual and manufacturers recommendations for the type of work that applies.
  2. Include the NFCA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) specification.

Below are the QAP specification guides and Request for Review forms for download.


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