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Resilient flooring, Construction Joints and Cover Plates…

Resilient flooring, Construction Joints and Cover Plates…

Are you wondering how to finish resilient (vinyl, rubber, linoleum) flooring over construction joints on your project? No one wants the ugly cover plate solution that sits proud (high) of the flooring, adds a trip hazard, maintenance issues and interferes with rolling loads. Yet concrete construction joints are a necessary part of slab placement and must be honoured through the floor covering system (including any cementitious underlayment) due to independent slab movement which stresses the flooring system causing failure over time. 
Some facilities install VC Tile over top for example (as seen in the right side image) and factor in the cost of periodic replacement of broken Tiles rather than use cover plates!
What are the best solutions when installing over construction joints with resilient floor coverings? Feel free to comment with your experiences, successes, recommendations.
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