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SPC Flooring, strong and fragile…

SPC Flooring, strong and fragile…

Installers beware! SPC flooring is simultaneously strong, fragile and not as forgiving as LVT or Laminate when installing. 
While SPC flooring comes with durability benefits, it also presents challenges that installers should consider when planning an installation. 
Extra care when engaging the locking joint, understanding its weaknesses & how to tap it together will make the difference between a satisfied client and just another claim.
The tell-tale ski jump (in this photo) at the butt end of multiple installed boards, indicates broken joints usually associated with incorrect handling or excessive mallet impact. SPC joints are thin and brittle. If they’re installed without the necessary care and attention (i.e. use of a tapping block to spread the load of mallet impacts; correct disengagement of planks – remove and re-install), then micro-fracturing of the end joint can easily occur. Once this happens, the visual result may be obvious at the time of installation, or it may take months to develop as the fracture worsens with use. 
For this reason, installers switching between LVT or laminate and SPC installation work should take time to understand the locking joint, modify installation techniques & always review manufacturer installation guidelines to avoid the problems.
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